About us

I worked in Rock and Roll until March 2020. Then the music died. Last year I slept in 122 different hotels in 22 countries. My company did 39 festivals but this year they all got cancelled. But our business was all about adapting so if I can’t rock I look forward to doing this instead.

Last year I worked on Nile Rogers, Tears for Fears, Skunk and Ansie, Pet Shop Boys, Shawn Mendez and a lot of others. I will still go out on tour occasionally – Celine Dion next March is a possibility.

We started off importing vanilla from Madagascar just before the lockdown. People stopped making ice cream immediately and our market died. So we turned to wood and we hope the name is not too misleading

Below is the fabulous Jefferson in Berlin on the Lauren Hill tour. We had just come from Copenhagen.

Big trucks are a thing of beauty
This was a forty truck tour
With the Kooks at a festival in France